Ready to BUY?

The market has shifted. Prices are statistically lower. Now is the time to buy and invest.

Since the spring of 2017, the provincial government introduced measures to slow the market in combination with the new mortgage rules & higher interest rates, slashed home affordability by 20%, and home prices in the GTA have lowered.

Homes in particular areas are sitting on the market longer giving you, the consumer, more buying power. Now is the time to buy and capitalize on lower prices & higher inventory.

On average, with our buying strategy, investment analysis & savvy negotiation skills, we are proud to say, our clients save thousands of dollars when they purchase with us.


  • Mortgage approval process – aligning you with experienced mortgage brokers to get you approved
  • Private-escorted buying tours
  • We provide a thorough market/investment analysis to determine if your purchase does you justice & makes sense
  • Professional offer preparation & presentation
  • The art of negotiating the best deal for you possible
  • Home inspection referrals
  • Coordination of moving services
  • Coordinating cleaning services, so your home is sparkling clean on move-in day
  • Contractor/interior design services, to customize your new abode to your taste